April 8, 2022

What is Angel Fest, anyway?

You may have already heard rumblings of Angel Fest 2022–a one-day immersive conference, for new and experienced investors from Minnesota and beyond at Huntington Bank Stadium. But what does it look like, and why does it exist? 

Why is angel investing important?

Angel investing can be the key difference in a company’s ability to grow, adapt, and develop. In the early stages, teams are small and funding is usually scarce—by investing in a startup early, angels can be part of the process and guide a team to success.

Whether looking to have an impact locally, or diversify a retirement portfolio there are many reasons to become an angel investor. Some write it off as too “high-risk,” but there are many benefits: being an angel investor allows you to learn, mentor, invest in your community, network, and support causes you’re passionate about. 

“Introductions to the community have been the most valuable part for us,” said Jazz Hampton, co-founder and CEO of local startup TurnSignl. Connecting attorneys to drivers in real-time at traffic stops to alleviate violence in law enforcement interactions, TurnSignl was backed by Groove Capital in the early stages, and this connection ended up leading to other angel investments. 

The company has now launched in three states—Minnesota, Georgia, and California—and is continuing to make an impact through the power of access.

Angel Fest Event Details

Angel Fest 2022 is an immersive one-day conference, hundreds of investors will come together to deepen their knowledge, connect with other thought leaders, and explore investment strategies and trends. 

Through curated conversations and interactive panels, both new and experienced angel investors will connect, learn, and be inspired to fund the future.

If you’re an angel investor in Minnesota or interested in becoming one, this is a can’t-miss event. Find your ticket here.

Groove Capital is organizing in partnership with Forge North and Greater MSP.


In 2020, the Forge North Leadership Council took input from hundreds of community partners to establish goals for the MSP startup ecosystem including increasing access to capital through angel investing. The Angel Activation Campaign is a multi-year initiative to recruit hundreds more Minnesotans to become active angel investors. Angel Fest is the marquee event connected to that campaign.