Forge North aims to ensure that 100% of billion-dollar enterprises based in MSP are meaningfully engaged with local startup ventures. 

The first-ever Forge North Enterprise Playbook is a tool that members of the corporate community can use to advocate, plan and share internally and to establish a clear list of opportunities for local corporations to pledge their involvement.

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The Playbook is designed to provide ideas and insights into ways that local enterprises can interact, support, invest in and benefit from the MSP startup ecosystem; and to highlight the need for large enterprises to take a more intentional approach to work with women, people of color and LGBTQ+-led startups in our ecosystem.

Each section of the Playbook gives a high-level overview of what opportunities to get involved with the local startup ecosystem look like in practice, why they’re beneficial to enterprises and advice on taking action. We’ve also included several examples, specific ways to get started in Minneapolis-Saint Paul, and important insight from a real startup founder.

To access the free playbook, use the form above to share your information and download a copy. 

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Our team is available to help your company learn more and connect with local resources.

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Forge North Enterprise Pledge 2022


Companies that have taken the Forge North Enterprise Pledge:

This playbook is just the first step. Your corporation can accelerate inclusive economic growth across the Minneapolis-Saint Paul region through engaging with startups. Entrepreneurs are creating jobs & wealth, disrupting industries, and making our region a global hub for innovation - it's time to commit to supporting their work.

We’re asking every large enterprise based in MSP to commit to 3 new actions to more meaningfully engage with local startups. 

With hundreds of startup resources in MSP serving thousands of new startups each year, there are no shortage of options. You can take the actions that make the most sense for your company – and then share the results.

We will refresh this free playbook annually, check in with your team, and track our region’s progress toward 100% of our largest enterprises meaningfully engaging with startup firms based in our own backyard. 

So, what are you waiting for? Let’s get to work!

What committing to the Forge North Enterprise Pledge for 2022 says about your enterprise:

By committing to this pledge, you are publicly affirming that the local startups are vital to the future of our economy.

By committing to this pledge, you are sending a message to your current and future team members that you support and celebrate innovation, especially in your own backyard.

By committing to this pledge, you are acknowledging that enterprises can play a key role in making entrepreneurial opportunities available to all and that you aim to take an inclusive approach to all activities you are pledging to move forward with.

By committing to this pledge, you are committing to take actions that intentionally account for barriers faced by Black, Latinx, Asian, Indigenous and people of color-led startups.

Join these local leaders that have already taken the pledge: