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Our content is curated from trusted thought leaders in Minnesota who have a variety of experiences and background in angel investing. Angel Basecamp will help you cut through jargon-y terms, help you sharpen your angel investing skills, and provide next steps that feel right for you.

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Below are the names and contact information for several angel networks in Minnesota that you may be interested in joining.

Groove Investment Group
Engage Venture Partners
Gopher Angels
Headwaters Angel Network
We are proud partners of the  Catalyst Angel Program which helps emerging angel investors in the Great Lakes Region who identify as Black, Latinx, and/or women.

Participants gain a deeper understanding of angel investing, engage in curated virtual courses, and connect with peers. The program includes six, 2 hour long, virtual courses taught through the Angel Capital Association’s Angel University—free of cost. 

The Catalyst Angel Program has a rolling application through August 31, 2024. However, once a year we lead a special Minnesota Fall Cohort, which further connects Catalyst Angel Program participants in Minnesota. The Fall Cohort includes bonus Minnesota focused content and in person events. It is a great way to build a community of Minnesota-based angels going through the program with you, and the chance to meet participants who’ve already gone through the program.

Check out the 2022 Minnesota Fall Cohort details here and stay tuned for 2023 details to be announced. For more information contact Mickayla Rosard at
We'll update this section with events specifically for Minneapolis-Saint Paul angels (e.g. Angel Fest) once the links are live. For now, Launch Minnesota's calendar is an ideal place to find events to meet founders and other angels.

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