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- Visit the Content Library to learn directly from trusted Minnesota thought leaders who cut through the jargon to sharpen your angel investing skills. Learn about your potential next steps through courses that take you from foundational knowledge (101) to expert best-practices (301).
- If you're already confident that you want to invest in founders, keep scrolling down to view a calendar of upcoming events, join a learning cohort, or find the right angel investor network to support your investment goals.

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Angel Fest is the Upper Midwest's premier angel-investing event. Register here for this year's event on May 2, 2024. You can also check the Content Library for recordings of panels at previous Angel Fests.
Getting to know the Minneapolis-Saint Paul startup ecosystem can help you stay aware of potentially investable companies. The event calendar below can help you stay connected throughout the year.
Cohorts of angel investors can be a way for newcomers to the field to build community and gain confidence in their skills.

We are proud partners of the  Catalyst Angel Program through TechTown Detroit. The Catalyst cohort helps emerging angel investors in the Great Lakes Region who identify as Black, Latinx, and/or women learn how to invest and use their expertise to help support startup companies.

Participants gain a deeper understanding of angel investing, engage in curated virtual courses, and connect with peers. The program includes six, 2 hour long, virtual courses taught through the Angel Capital Association’s Angel University—free of cost.

The Catalyst Angel Program has a rolling application through August 31, 2024. Once a year, we partner with Groove Capital to lead a special Minnesota Fall Cohort, which further connects Catalyst Angel Program participants in Minnesota. The Fall Cohort includes bonus Minnesota focused content and in person events.

The Minnesota cohort is a great way to build community with other Minnesota-based angels - not just your peers in the course, but also participants from previous years.

You can learn more about the 2022 Catalyst cohort's experience, or reach out to Mickayla Rosard with any questions.

Angel investor networks share information about investment opportunities, and work together to invest in startups. When you're ready to make investments, these leading members of the Minnesota angel community are seeking more angels.

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