November 18, 2021

Take the MSP Founder Survey

We believe that Minneapolis-Saint Paul (MSP) can be the best place to start and scale ventures. To make it happen, we all need to work together. Better data on our region’s founders will help us more equitably serve and support startups.  

Guided by the belief that there is power in collaboration, a number of ESOs* - or “entrepreneurial support organizations” like incubators, accelerators, and community development financial institutions across MSP – have been working together through the Forge North coalition. In the summer of 2021, these ESO leaders worked with Social Impact Strategies group to build one survey that can serve as a consistent data source for our work.  

We’re excited to have this information, and grateful to the many organizations that partnered to make it possible, with special thanks to Minnesota Cup.

If you’re a local founder that’s willing to take the survey, here is more information about what we’re asking and how the information will be used:

  • General Information about your organization (HQ location, year founded, industry)
  • Resources you’ve leveraged to date
  • Fundraising history
  • Employees Demographic information
  • Perception of the local Startup Ecosystem

We’ll use this information in an anonymized fashion to better-understand the companies being founded in our region. Any information shared will have no identifiable or confidential information included. With that in mind, your candor is deeply appreciated! We will use this survey as a baseline to track changes to the ecosystem over time. The data gathered may be leveraged to shape:  

  • Forge North coalition-wide projects and goals
  • ESO support services and programming

If you’re an MSP-based organization that serves or connects startup founders and you would like to share the survey with your community, grab more information here.