August 17, 2023

Catalyst Angel MN Cohort 2022 pays it forward

Last year, 25 women and people of color with an interest in supporting startups came together in the first Catalyst Angel MN Cohort to learn more about how their wealth could catalyze the earliest phases of a startup’s growth. This powerhouse group is chiming in to share their experiences and lessons learned to benefit the next wave of Black, Latinx, and/or woman angel investors.

TechTown Detroit leads the powerful Catalyst Angel Program, designed to provide in-depth training for emerging angel investors. The Minnesota cohort, led by Groove Investment Group and Forge North, connects Catalyst Angel Program participants in Minnesota and provides bonus content so together we can gain a deeper understanding of angel investing, engage in curated virtual courses, and connect in person with peers. The 2023 Minnesota cohort is made possible with the support from BMO Bank.

Hear what the angels who joined the 2022 Minnesota cohort said about why they joined the program, what they learned from it, and how they’re using the skills they gained.

How did you become interested in angel investing?

Many paths lead to angel investing: from business ownership, to career success, to seeking a sense of community. Andrea Trimble Hart gives one example of how angel investing can be constructive.

You can learn more about the basics of angel investing on the Angel Basecamp to decide whether it’s a good fit for you.

Why were you interested in participating in the Catalyst Angel Minnesota Cohort?

The Catalyst Angel MN Cohort offers more than just virtual courses (below); it also introduces you to people who are considering similar questions about how to make an impact through their savings. Karen Scott and Godson Sowah share what they appreciated about the program.

The program includes six courses, held virtually 4–6pm CST.

  1. Sept 19: Fundamentals of Angel Investing
  2. Sept 26: Risks in Angel Investing
  3. Oct 3: Angel Returns & PS
  4. Oct 10: Due Diligence
  5. Oct 17: Term Sheets
  6. Oct 24: Valuation

What was the most important thing that you learned through the Catalyst Angel MN Cohort?

Angel investing is more than writing a check. It’s a skillset that an investor can develop. Sami Decker shares one of the most important lessons that came from her time in the cohort.

If this lesson resonates with you, you can apply for the cohort now through September 15.

What's next on your journey as an angel investor?

Your work as an angel investor begins by learning about the sector. Some investors who joined us in 2022 leaned farther into investing; others are taking their time to learn more before investing. Lynn Langit highlights one of the most important takeaways from angel investing: being thoughtful about your work is key.

After completing the MN Cohort, you can keep learning from Groove Capital and Forge North. The 201- and 301-level courses in the Angel Basecamp offer advanced lessons in angel investing year-round.

Summing it up one year later

Cheryl Coombs sums up the value of the content and connections that she gained from the cohort.

If this sounds like an experience you’d like to learn from or a community you’d like to join, apply here!